4 Tips To Wear Summer Wedding Mens Attire

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When it comes to summer wedding mens attire, this typically means something like a pair of tan pants and a good linen shirt. If you do not have a suit, or the wedding is a more casual affair, wearing a neat pair of dark jeans is fine. If everybody else plans on wearing lighter-colored suits–for a summer wedding, maybe–then white is likely okay.

For instance, wear that two-piece pattern suit, but maybe switch out the shirt for a plain white one, or one with printed fabric. A simpler example is having groomsmen wear a darker gray suit and groomsmen wearing lighter gray. For instance, a church wedding would normally require a smart black or gray lounge suit, but for an outdoor beach wedding or in the park, perhaps a lighter pastel shade linen suit would fit better (and be more comfy).

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For a country wedding, although there seems flexibility in dressing in separates rather than in an all-out suit, sticking with at least a relaxed outfit of trousers, jacket, shirt, and tie will be the way to go. A wedding is one occasion where the suit does not need to be business-y, and if you are looking to wear some daring stripes or checks, but usually cannot, this is the time.

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Depending on the time of event (daytime vs. evening), most combinations of suits and ties will make you look like a man who is dressed sharply. Dressing up as mens cocktail dress gives some leeway, but you are still expected to be wearing either jacket or a suit (no tuxedo) and looking sharp.

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A linen suit is a great lightweight option, but some men may feel put off by the connotations of an old-fashioned hippy. Linen suits are also perfect for summer weddings, and adding one to your wardrobe could be quite an investment if you tend to wear suits all year long.

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Sandals or boat shoes (worn barefoot) would look totally classy paired with a linen suit, as well as being practical enough for wearing to the sand on the beach. Linen, seersucker, and chambray are all breathe-ability options that are guaranteed to keep you cool, while not impairing the appearance of your summer suit.

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Seersucker makes a great summer wedding mens attire choice because of its weave (which is ideal for traveling without needing an iron) and wickability, which lets you feel that cool beach breeze. Linen suits make the ultimate summer wedding outfit, its lightweight, breathable fabric qualities giving it a breezy, laid-back vibe.

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Suits made from lightweight, breathable fabrics and colors are the “seaside” stuff when considering beach wedding outfits. While you are best served staying pretty conservative with the colors of your suit for an urban summer wedding (think gray or navy), you can throw a little color into the mix with your dress shirt and/or accessories.

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Go for a fully-toned suit with summerweight fabrics that are in refreshing sky blue. Opt for a suit in a lighter fabric weight, or one made of moisture-wicking materials such as silk or wool blend.

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You will feel most comfortable during the summer with lighter fabrics, like lightweight wool, cotton, or linen, so consider this when you are making your decision on what to wear. While choosing a linen or seersucker suit instead of a wool or cotton one will allow you to stay cool and stylish all day long. If this is a daytime or evening event, and you are outside, you can also wear a lighter weight cotton suit or jacket combo, particularly if the weather is going to be warm.

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Not every suit will come without any lining, but at the very least, look for some partly-lined suits if you want to avoid being soaked in your own sweat by the end of the day. A linen suit will feel smart and celebratory, but breathable fabrics will keep you cooler — go with a lighter neutral hue, such as beige or khaki, since lighter neutral shades will fit a summery vibe.

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