5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas

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Given the fact that people do not want to ruin their hair at their wedding, below are the best wedding hairstyles for round face. When adorned with flowers or favorite hair accessories, a ponytail can be equally as interesting, which is also an excellent Indian wedding hairstyle for round faces.

This classical bun, decorated with gorgeous bright flowers, is the ultimate wedding hairstyle for round faces, which would look gorgeous peeking out from the ghunghat. This South Indian wedding hairstyles for round face is best for when you do not want to go with the bun look on the wedding and you want to showcase your long hair.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 1

This stunning round face bridal hairstyle with a poof adds volume on the top, creating the illusion of a long, lean profile, which is the perfect wedding hairstyle for a bride with a round face. This hairstyle for round, plump faces is an excellent option for anyone looking for a way to keep the hair on top, but also to still have an attractive appearance.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 2

People with round face types tend to have wider cheeks, so round-faced brides should avoid hairstyles that draw the eye toward their cheeks or that add volume on their sides, such as: a slicked-back pony, a short bob, or a side bang.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 3

Brides with round faces can find various beautiful hairstyles that fit their tastes and looks, since short, long, straight, or curly styles can be tailored to lengthen and improve the rounder face. Brides are always going to look stunning on their wedding day, but choosing the right wedding hairstyles for round face can be a crucial decision leading up to the ultimate perfect look. Consider sleek, side-parting ponytails to achieve a stylish, classic look when choosing wedding hairstyles.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 4

Consider buns on the nape of the neck, or loosely pulling back hair in a ponytail to showcase the shapes of your face. If you are looking for a fuller look, consider a side-parting, which takes your hair away from your face, but breaks the width up at the top.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 5

You can get some extra volume by getting your hair curled on the ends, which will balance out the face and look less pudgy. This will add some volume and will balance the hair and your face out in a way that makes your face a bit thinner. By adding volume to your crown hair, you will be able to lengthen the face to create a slimming effect. A top-down pompadour is meant to add hair height, which, in turn, makes your face take on a longer appearance.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 6

Another option is to go for a hairstyle that adds height at the middle, balancing out your facial proportions. Opt to have a mixture of an updo and a downdo with loose styling, preferably with pieces coming down the sides of your face, which may break the roundness.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 7

Whether you opt for the classic triple-strand braid, French or fishtail, be sure to leave the side-braids, the front part a bit unkempt and flowing, for that romantic, dramatic look, and remember to ruffle your hair slightly in order to thin out the roundness. Speaking of round faces, use your front locks into shorter layers falling over the forehead, and go with a deeper vogued neckline.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 8

Heart-shaped faces are wider on the forehead than on the jawline, and they look best with hairstyles that focus attention on cheekbones and take focus away from an angular jawline. With a stronger jawline and jawbones, hairstyles for square faces should be softer and more contoured, taking the focus off of the jawline. A hybrid between the heart and square shapes, those who have a diamond face are blessed with angular jawline and tall cheekbones. The best way to tackle this type of face is to tone down sharp features using big hairstyles, including wide-open locks and unkempt braids.

5 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas 9

A subtle twist-up pomade is an easy yet stunning soft hairstyle to complement a round face. Blonde hairstyles such as this will look really nice on girls with a round face, and also women who love putting stylish details in order to get this stylish princess wedding look.

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