9 Perfect Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Finding the perfect hairstyles for medium hair for you comes down to the texture of your hair, the shape of your face, and how you live your life – but with all three factors taken into consideration, you should be able to find an amazing haircut that makes you feel your best. If it is not your cup of tea, take a picture you love to your hairdresser and talk about customizing your shoulder-length haircut for your personality.

The shoulder length bob is a godsend for anyone who does not want to grow out their hair longer because it is damaged or requires maintenance, but they still want a length that is long enough to wear in various styles.

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By the way, such mid-length haircuts are not just simple to pull off; they also add tons of volume to your mane. Hairstyles for medium hair made it easier for women to opt for a hairstyle that is not either long or short. This middle-length hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to look stylish, but do not have to feel stuck in the past when it comes to their hair.

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One of the best things about medium long curly hairstyles is that they are equally suitable for ladies who have fine hair as well as those with long hair. When working with thinner hair, wavy medium-length hairstyles elevate silhouette; for thicker hair, they do wonders, making the hair easier to handle. You always have to remember, hairstyles for medium length hair look best when you incorporate a few embellishments.

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Medium-length hairstyles are particularly suited to women who have a lot of hair — if chosen and properly styled, these cuts add an extra zing to your look, becoming a catcher of adoring looks from everyone around. Medium length hairstyles for women are simple in day-to-day grooming, and there is no issue in having to ponytail your mid-length hair while going to the gym, but we truly love wearing it relaxed so as to showcase its natural brilliance. Neither too short to be difficult to style, or too long to get bored with growing out, medium haircuts for women provide the freedom to play around with free flowing, half-up/half-down, and updo styles.

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Medium-length hair is also flattering as it is neither too short nor too long, and women with different facial features will find plenty of pretty style options in this length. For those that are unwilling to swap out long hair for something shorter, this is the sweet spot. As you can see, colour and texture allow shorter-to-mid-length hairstyles to share in the modern-day delights enjoyed by their longer counterparts.

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The lob remains the hottest cut for most women, with mid-length hair being requested at very high rates at many salons. If you are looking for an elegant yet breezy look, a wavy lob is the one to choose, which is best suited to mid-length hair. Bold and sexy, this combover-styled shoulder-length lob is an ideal option to opt for a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and easily shows off your jawline.

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With just enough length to add curls, body, or pull in ponytails, but not too much so the weight pulls your locks down, each of these options is damn close to perfect. If you are naturally curly or straight, or looking for a haircut to complement your facial shape or natural texture, you are bound to find an option here thatll make you hit the salon. Mid-length styles can be a daring hair switch, or simply a tweak with a little extra style flair to re-energize a style you already love.

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Mid-length cuts are flattering for almost any face shape and hair type, and the styling possibilities are endless–there is a reason that shoulder-length has become a celebrity-go-to length. The blunt is somewhere between sexy and edgy, and when worn with the right type of hair, is a perfect midlength cut. Hairstyles like this shag are pretty in and of themselves, but they could also make for a great transitional look if you are growing out your hair from short crops into longer styles.

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