20+ I Shaved My Head And Regret It

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20+ I Shaved My Head And Regret It. I shaved my head because i was already past the point where i felt more comfortable going outside in wigs, and i didn’t like the ordeal of stuffing what little hair i had under them. I knew it would’ve been a mistake for me.

Do I regret shaving my head? Wolves and Flames
Do I regret shaving my head? Wolves and Flames from wolvesandflames.blogspot.com

It’s not like we’re in the middle of the most important thing that happens to us in our daily lives, but it’s good to have some fresh air. But i didn’t shave my head to look dope. You can’t make it grow back faster, but, once you have a surprisingly minimal amount of length you can try extensions.

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(if you are in a hurry to get out, we could offer you some fresh air. I appreciated the lessons it brought me each time. Were you for some reason forced to shave your head or you shaved it because you wanted to?

Style Your Hair In A Way That Makes You Feel Comfortable.

Not exactly what i had in mind. But i didn’t shave my head to look dope. I would’ve regretted it for sure.

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Keep your scalp healthy by using a scalp oil or moisturizer. To keep your head shiny, use a head polish. The only way you can really tell is to give the waxed head look a try and see how people react.

Being Confident In Your New Look Will Attract More Positive Responses From Others.

If you had to shave you hair against your wish than maybe that’s the reason why you feel ashamed. So i guess i regret making myself wait another handful of months to grow it back. Even if you don't feel beautiful please know that you absolutely are and, i'm very sure without a doubt, on the inside as well.

Why Are You Feeling Ashamed ?

That's right, you are left with the carnage that is a naked face, which now grants you with a tummy full of instant shame and regret. But the thing is the effects are temporary and after a few days my skin felt more rough and also more dry. This will help keep your scalp healthy and free of irritation.

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