10+ Curly Hair Types 2C 3A

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10+ Curly Hair Types 2C 3A. Please see the “what’s missing” section below for more information. While wavy hair doesn't use the box braids and such, you can use protective styles in the form of updos.

2C 3A Curly Hairstyles / Curly Hair Routine for Type 3a Curls
2C 3A Curly Hairstyles / Curly Hair Routine for Type 3a Curls from thephotostap.blogspot.com

Both experts agree that the 3a curl is the closest pattern to 2c. If your hair has defined, corkscrew curls, then it’s. Wavy you get it usually after puberty it isn't uniform all over, you have a mix of waves and curls.i'll say 2c because you have some waves, and curls in there but mainly because it doesn.

If Your Hair Is Healthy And Not Frizzy, You Can Tell On Sight As 2C Hair Appears Wavy And 3A Hair Curly 2C Hair Has “S” Shaped Waves That Go Down The Whole Strands.

It has an “s” pattern when stretched, much like type 3 curly hair. Type 2c hair is the most wavy type of hair. Usually curly hair you have it since birth and it is a very uniform texture all over.

I Finger Comb The Knots Out With The Conditioner And Add More If I Need To.

In addition to that, type 2c curls may not start at the root. A little bit of this product goes a long way. Your curls definitely look like 3a.

It's Because Your Hair Is Weighed Down.

Hydrating your curls is a must, especially since they’re so dense. And the major difference between type 2c hair and the other wavy hair types is that the “s” shaped waves here are more pronounced to the extent that hair. Type 1s are straight, type 2s are wavy, type 3s are curly, and type 4s are coily.

The Hair Nearest Your Scalp Isn’t Tightly Waved.

Beyond this, however, consider the following haircare tips to keep the volume without the frizz: Unlike 2a hair and 2b that starts taking shape somewhere towards the middle of the strands, 2c hair is wavy right from the root. Please see the “what’s missing” section below for more information.

First, I Wash With The Shampoo And Conditioner.

The most helpful exercise for me was to find people with similar hair types and follow their tips. 2c hair tends to have a deep, “s” shaped wave that may curl loosely at the end; 2c hair is wavy, while type 3a hair is curly.

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