30+ Regular Braids To The Back

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30+ Regular Braids To The Back. A braid is perfect for a busy mom, a night out with friends, or any other social occasion. Start by stacking two ponytails, then wrapping colorful ribbons (like what you would use for a hair bow) around the base of the ponytails.

Feedin Braids vs. Regular Cornrows. What's the Difference?
Feedin Braids vs. Regular Cornrows. What's the Difference? from izeyhair.com

Repeat on the other side. She finished the wrap by using a special goddess. Pick up the section from the opposite side and cross it over the middle section.

Repeat Steps Four And Five Until You Reach The Ends Of Your Hair.

The style requires making so many e small braids starting from the hair root. Braids are one of the most traditional of all hairstyles—if not the most traditional. See more ideas about braided hairstyles, braids for black hair, cornrow hairstyles.

Use Hairspray To Tame Flyaway Hair.

Gently pull the braid tight. Long individual braids are very easy to get if the hair has a bit of extra length. This will help secure the layers and prevent the braid from unraveling, marjan explains.

Box Braids Micro Braids Cornrow Braids Crown Braid.

You can start a regular braid as you reach the back and then secure it in place with bobby pins; Next create a low bun in the back. Use two mirrors to check if you’ve parted it in a straight line.

Again, This Piece Is Now Your New Middle Section.

Hairstyles with such cool braids work in any situation! Keep the braids hanging in the freestyle. Visit a stylist or teach yourself any of these other braids:

Also Known As A Rope Twist Braid, This Braid Style Is One Of The Most Straightforward Techniques To Do As It Only Uses Two Sections.

Repeat on the other side. However, since elastics can cause strain and tension on the hair (contributing. As you keep braiding, you will see a waterfall like design appearing.

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