20+ Side French Braid Instructions

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20+ Side French Braid Instructions. Yellow is going over red. Take the section that is closest to the side parting and separate it.

Loose French braid for long hair Loose french braids, Braids for long
Loose French braid for long hair Loose french braids, Braids for long from www.pinterest.com

Start this braid tutorial with clean, dry and untangled hair. For looser braids, leave more ends undone and untouched. Loosen the end of the braid by shaking the braid.

This Helps Keep The Braid Tight And Looking More Polished.

S tep 2 / divide out a section of hair to frame the face. Step 4 / start the dutch braid by crossing the right strand under the middle strand. Clip the rest of your hair for it.

Starting At The Part Section Off A Small Rectangular Piece And Separate It Into Three Pieces.

Continue braiding along the side of your head, adding hair to each section as you go. Add hair as you go. Finish with a holding product:

Take The Section That Is Closest To The Side Parting And Separate It.

Step 4 / begin a french braid by crossing the right strand over the. They can even be worked into other hairstyles to add a twisted, intricate accent to a basic ponytail, bun, or loose hairstyle! To make a classic french braid that runs vertically, section out a big chunk of hair at the top back of your head and divide it into three strands.

Yellow Is Going Over Red.

Secure your ends together leaving somewhere between 1/2 and 1 of your ends out. Texturizing spray will give your hair some hold and prevent your braid from loosening and your hair from slipping out of it through the day. Hair ties have a tendency to unravel easily, so for that reason i recommend using a small elastic tie.

Step 1 / Begin By Parting The Hair On The Right Side.

Step 1 / start by parting the hair on the right side. French braids can morph into a sporty, vivacious style when twin french braids are plaited on either side of the head. Put the right strand over the central one so that it becomes the strand in the middle.

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