Tops To Wear To A Wedding: A Guide For Fashion-Forward Guests

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Wedding season is upon us, and whether you’re a bridesmaid, a family member, or just a friend of the happy couple, you’ll want to look your best. But with so many different styles and dress codes to consider, finding the perfect outfit can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the perfect top to wear to a wedding.

Consider the Dress Code

The first thing to consider when choosing a top to wear to a wedding is the dress code. If the invitation specifies black tie or formal attire, you’ll want to choose a more elegant top, such as a silk blouse or a beaded camisole. For a semi-formal or cocktail attire wedding, a dressy blouse or a tailored jacket can be a great choice. If the wedding is more casual, you can opt for a more relaxed top, such as a flowy blouse or a cotton shirt.

Think About the Venue

The location of the wedding can also help guide your choice of top. If it’s an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to choose a top that is comfortable and made from breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen. For a wedding in a more formal setting, you may want to choose a top that is more structured and made from a dressier fabric, such as silk or satin.

Choose the Right Color

When it comes to color, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Avoid white or ivory tops, as these colors are reserved for the bride. You should also avoid black tops, as they can be seen as too somber for a wedding. Instead, opt for bright, cheerful colors that will complement the wedding’s theme and make you stand out in a sea of guests.

Accessorize Wisely

The right accessories can take your wedding outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Consider adding a statement necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings to dress up a simple top. If you’re wearing a more dramatic top, keep your accessories to a minimum to avoid looking overdone.

Be Comfortable

While it’s important to look your best, it’s just as important to feel comfortable in your outfit. If you’re not used to wearing heels, for example, don’t choose this occasion to try them out. Similarly, if you’re not comfortable in a strapless top, don’t choose one just because it’s trendy.

Don’t Forget the Weather

Finally, don’t forget to consider the weather when choosing your top. If it’s going to be hot and humid, choose a top that is lightweight and breathable. If there’s a chance of rain, choose a top that won’t be ruined if it gets wet.

In Conclusion

Choosing the perfect top to wear to a wedding is all about finding the right balance between looking stylish and feeling comfortable. By considering the dress code, venue, color, accessories, and weather, you’ll be able to choose a top that is both appropriate and fashionable.

FAQs About Tops to Wear to a Wedding

Q: Can I wear a sleeveless or strapless top to a wedding?

A: Sleeveless and strapless tops can be appropriate for a wedding, but it depends on the dress code and the venue. If the wedding is formal or in a religious setting, you may want to choose a top with sleeves or straps.

Q: Can I wear a patterned top to a wedding?

A: Yes, you can wear a patterned top to a wedding, but it’s important to choose a pattern that is appropriate for the occasion. Avoid anything too bold or busy, and choose something that complements the wedding’s color scheme and theme.

Q: Can I wear a crop top to a wedding?

A: Crop tops can be fashionable, but they are not appropriate for a wedding. Opt for a top that covers your midriff, and pair it with high-waisted pants or a skirt for a chic look.