Dresses To Wear At A Wedding Reception: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Look

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Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2019 Royal Bride Reception Dress from davincibridal.com

Dresses to Wear at a Wedding Reception: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Look

Getting dressed for any occasion can be a challenge, but wedding receptions can be especially daunting. You want to look your best and to find a dress that is flattering and appropriate for the event. Every wedding is different, so the dress you choose should match the style of the event. Whether you’re the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect look for a wedding reception.

Formal Wedding Receptions

If the wedding is a formal event, you’ll want to choose something that is both elegant and appropriate. Floor-length gowns work well for a formal wedding, as do dressy cocktail dresses. If you opt for a shorter dress, make sure it’s still appropriate; some styles may be too casual for a formal event. If you’re unsure, you can never go wrong with a timeless little black dress.

Semi-Formal Wedding Receptions

For a semi-formal wedding reception, you can opt for a cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top combination. Try to find something that is dressy, but not too formal. You don’t want to look overdressed, but you don’t want to be underdressed either. Opt for something that is slightly more formal than what you would wear to a dinner party.

Casual Wedding Receptions

If the wedding is a casual affair, you’ll want to dress accordingly. A dressy skirt and top work well, as do sundresses, jumpsuits, and rompers. You can also opt for dressy separates, like trousers, a blouse, and a nice blazer. Avoid wearing jeans, shorts, or anything that is too revealing. When in doubt, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.


No matter what type of dress you choose, you’ll want to accessorize with shoes, jewelry, and a bag. Opt for something that complements your look, but doesn’t distract from it. When it comes to shoes, make sure you choose a pair that are comfortable and won’t give you blisters. For jewelry, go for something eye-catching but tasteful. A small clutch or a crossbody bag can complete your look.

Shopping for a Dress

When shopping for a dress, make sure you have plenty of time to find the perfect look. Start shopping early, even if the wedding is months away. That way, you can compare prices and find something that is within your budget. To make sure the dress fits properly, you may want to get it tailored. If you’re buying online, make sure you measure yourself properly and read the sizing chart.


Choosing the perfect dress for a wedding reception doesn’t have to be a challenge. Consider the type of wedding and the dress code before you start shopping. With a little bit of planning and the right accessories, you can find a dress that is both flattering and appropriate for the event.

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