30+ Bob Box Braids On Long Hair

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30+ Bob Box Braids On Long Hair. Short bob medium box braids. Side parts on bob box braids are the perfect combination.

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In this video, i will be showing you all how i did these bob box braids on myself. Whenever we think of protective hairstyles such as box braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks, the first thing that comes to our mind is the long and shiny hair flowing down the waist and beyond. To recreate this look, consider a soft side part for a more laid back, whimsical mood.

This Hairstyle With Long Box Braids Offers A Neat Combination Of A Top Knot, Side Twist And Fishtail.

Bob box braids with bangs give you an even more professional look, so, you feel confident in your hairstyle all day at work! This is not a wig and i did not do the crochet method. Try bob box braids with curly ends.

Whenever We Think Of Protective Hairstyles Such As Box Braids, Cornrows, Or Dreadlocks, The First Thing That Comes To Our Mind Is The Long And Shiny Hair Flowing Down The Waist And Beyond.

So list triangle braid in this gallery is not my idea. Either follow the box style or the regular one while side parting the hair. You can seamlessly style these and they won’t weigh down your hair while also giving you a 90s babe vibe.

Unlike The Traditional Braids, Here The Braids Need To Be A Bit Thin And Hairs In Shorter Length Like Bob.

Short bob medium box braids. Not a fan of the regular bob box braids with straight ends? Divide the hair into fours and secure each part with a hair clip.

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In my part of the world, there’s a clear difference between box and triangle braids. Let’s be honest, many women out there love to keep their braids long. The tips of the hair help to frame the face.

Jumbo Hairstyles Never Fail Anyone, Let Alone Having Your Bob Braids In A Jumbo Hairstyle.

Side parts on bob box braids are the perfect combination. A fan of fanned ends. Divide the hair inside the box into three equal parts.

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