4 Ideas to Make DIY Wooden Bathroom Shelves

4 Ideas to Make DIY Wooden Bathroom Shelves

Wooden bathroom shelves can be such a handy decoration for a bathroom. If you check the price through several marketplaces, they are quite a cost. The more stylish the wooden shelves are, the more expensive they will be.

Well, the good news is you can make DIY wooden bathroom shelves. Besides saving up the budget, you can work on your carpentry. Do you want to give a try? Here are four ideas of bathroom shelves that may catch your attention.

1. Repainted Wooden Ladder Shelves

Having the repainted wooden ladder bathroom shelves gives a fresh touch to your bathroom. The ladder shelves can save more space in your bathroom. Use each stepladder for the shelf. Repaint the wood with white or brown.

2. Wooden Hanging Shelves

Making DIY wooden hanging shelves are simple. You only need to use three wooden boards to build the shelves. Hang them on the bathroom wall. Customize the length of the shelves so the wooden shelves could fit perfectly on the wall. Don’t paint or furnish the wood board if you want to give such an antique rustic vibe.  

3. Rope and Swing Wooden Shelves

Try to make rope and swing wooden bathroom shelves. Prepare three wooden boards and the rope. Drill two holes on each side of the boards; each hole should fit in the rope. Tie up each end of the rope into a knot. Paint the boards with white or let the color of the boards as it is. Before hanging them on, adjust the height.  

4. Simple Corner Wooden Shelves

Try making DIY simple corner wooden shelves to decorate your bathroom. Prepare two wooden boards for extra storage and hang them on the corner of the bathroom. You can keep the color of wooden boards as it is or have the boards furnished.

Making these four DIY wooden bathroom shelves are simple. Once you finish making them, they will be such a stunning yet useful decoration in your bathroom. Which idea does catch your attention most?


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