Lovely Floral Bridesmaid Dress Inspirations For Summer Weddings

Lovely Floral Bridesmaid Dress Inspirations For Summer Weddings

For Spring and beyond, wedding dresses in flower patterns offer fresh and lovely appearance. To accentuate your pearly white wedding gown, have your lovely girls accompanied you in floral bridesmaid dress ideas. This theme is especially perfect for outdoor wedding celebrations like summer garden parties. And, the choices are limitless.

The Hues

Bridesmaid dresses in floral motifs may go from sweet pastels to bolder hues. Blush is the most common choice, but you still can pursue other colors like mint, lilac or even ivory. Or else, some prefer floral dresses in black or navy, as well as other darker shades.

Oversized Floral Prints

Following the dress colors, the size of the flowers is also numerous. Some people like bigger blooms complete with branches and even leaves. This pattern can fill all over the dress or only some parts of it.

Minimalist Printed Flowers

If you want a more minimalist floral bridesmaid dress, you can opt for a tiny yet lovely flower or petal prints. Sweet in look, they are perfect for both indoor or outdoor wedding events.

Watercolor Flowers

The floral patterns in watercolor create an instant dreamy effect to your gown. In pastel or bolder options, they are particularly gorgeous for bridesmaid maxi dresses. Either the flower sizes, you can have them on off-shoulder style, open back, wide strap to strapless or even crop top ones.

Embroidered Flowers

A dress with embroidered flowers is just a lovely sight. For bridesmaid dresses, you may go for tulle and sheer as an inner or outer combination.

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Lace Floral Patterns

A lace in floral patterns is another endearing idea for bridesmaid dresses. You may have it in long, midi or short options, as well as the colors and other mix and matches.

The Vintage Look

Give your big day a retro vibe by having floral-printed dresses for bridesmaids inspired by the 80’s style. This choice is highly ideal for knee-length dresses with full skirts and high necklines.

Spring and summer are all about the blooms. Floral themes and floral bridesmaid dress ideas are simply a breath of fresh air.


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