5 Beautiful Makeup Summer Ideas in 2021

5 Beautiful Makeup Summer Ideas in 2021

Summer is here. There is nothing to fear, except Covid-19 and disastrous look for your summer break. Well, whether you are in a place where social distancing still occurs or not, check these out. There are plenty of summer makeup ideas that will color up your 2021.

Without further ado, here are 5 examples of beautiful summer makeup ideas in 2021:

  1. The neon eyes

This summer, the eyeshadow work is about bold, striking shades. For example, you can apply a dash of orange for your upper eyelids and electric blue on your lower eyelids. You can also go with bright blue all the way around your eyes.

  • The hot, striking pink lips

When it comes to summer makeup ideas, hot red lipstick is classic. However, you can still go down a shade lighter and look just as striking. This year, it is time for watermelon pink. You may powder up the same subtle accents with your eyeshadow too.

  • The sun-kissed skin

Unable to go out so much this summer? No worries, you can still get your sun-kissed skin with the right, light bronze product. It does not look heavy overdone, so you can add a thin layer of foundation after that. Lightly dab on the right spots, like chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

  • The glittery element

Your summer beach party is not complete without the glittery element, whether on the bridge of your nose or close to the corner of your eyes. This is one of the easiest, summer makeup ideas you can do by yourself. Make sure the overall makeup fits the theme.

  • The graphic eyeliner
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If this summer feels too hot for heavy makeup, then go for the nudes instead. Keep it light and simple. To avoid looking too plain, add some graphic eyeliner for an accentuation. Black lines for Cleopatra-style work wonders as an example.

Enjoy this mid-2021 with these summer makeup ideas!


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