3 Minimalist and Luxury Apartment Decor in White Color

3 Minimalist and Luxury Apartment Decor in White Color

What comes to your mind when thinking about luxury apartment decor? Most people stuck is in the idea of costly furniture, fancy wallpaper.

Showcasing the luxury apartment decor doesn’t always be a gruel duty to do. As long as you understand the tricks, you can elevate your place to the next level. Moreover, it can still describe you and doesn’t take too much of your time and budget.

We gathered up some of the best luxury apartment decor ideas dominated in white. As white is a color reflecting peace and neutrality, it blends so well with whatever apartment theme you might opt for.

Modern-Shabby Chic

There are a lot of things to describe when talking about shabby chic theme. It is basically where antique style meets rustic style and cottage idea. People tend to choose this concept rather than the classic theme because it allows styling up all the elements inside. Moreover, the shabby chic doesn’t feel as cluttered as the basic classic style—a theme used by many 19th century people.

The apartment features a white color wall, bright furniture, and pale distressed wooden floor. To achieve the airiness, you do not put too much decoration; let the wall breathe.


Old-school style keeps the stuff at its signature: tan leather sofa and woods. Keep the wall in a neutral color so that it can reflect the simplicity. This is how you apply luxury apartment decor that reminds you of the classic 70s time.

Let the natural light in using sheer windows. They bring a more spacious ambiance and make you feel more relieved in the apartment.

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Emphasize a luxurious nuance with floral pictures in a frame and snake plants. This kind of houseplants is a good thing to keep the fresh air inside and doesn’t require complicated maintenance.

Ultra-Minimalist Apartment

Before Bohemian style comes as a trend, the ultra-minimalist concept is a star. Many people apply it as their living room or kitchen idea.

The concept is simple: you have to sort out unused stuff, maximize the space with build-in furniture, or better opt glossy furniture. A glossy table in a neutral color can blend well with leather chairs. For the wall, you can opt for geometrical concepts, like zig-zag black lines across the ultra-white wall.

When talking about luxury apartment decor, there is no exact measure. The thing is, the luxury itself depends on how you combine one element to another without making the house look stuffy. Would you love to try making your version of luxury?


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