6 Tips on How to Beautifully Decorate Coastal Apartment Décor

6 Tips on How to Beautifully Decorate Coastal Apartment Décor

Speaking of popular decorating styles, coastal surely makes it to the list. What is so great about this style is the power of relaxing and calming ocean hues incorporated with stonewashed white. The two natural tones blend perfectly with everything that goes with the word natural.

To create a perfect coastal apartment décor, here are some brilliant tips that will take you to the seaside.

  1. Ocean Blue and Sun-Bleached White Partnering

There is no way to strike the coastal apartment décor by skipping refreshing ocean blue and sun-bleached white. Bring the wave breeze inside by using these colors into your wall, long curtain, sofa, or area rug.

  • A Little Portion of Natural Green

Say, Peace Lily with its spoon-shaped flowers or Dracaena with its bright upright leaves. Put one of these two living greeneries or other houseplants to perfect the look of your coastal apartment décor. Place them in natural-colored pottery like brown or rattan.

  • Natural and Unique Furniture

The third way to get a classic coastal style is by ensuring that your place displays furnishing in natural tones and channel uniqueness. To inspire you, try simple raw modern table, rope edged mirror, wicker chairs, or decorative ladder shelves.

  • White Washed Wood Paneling

Shiplap walls play an important role when you wish to exhibit a beachy flat. Display the horizontal wood paneling for your apartment’s walls or ceilings. The whitewashed accent brings a bright and airy feeling.

  • Cozy and Soft Fabrics

Pile up throw pillows in soft white and blue hues for your plush sofa. For extra coziness and warmth, place fluffy rugs in your living room. Make sure that you pick mushy fabrics when you choose your chairs’ cover, blankets, and bedsheet.

  • Ocean-Themed Accessories
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Last but not least is the use of nautical accessories to bring the coastal spirit. Hang a beach clock, distressed wood window sea mirror or oyster shell mirror, and seashell-starfish wall décor. Tiny additions like sailing boat miniature or decorative life ring will also do.

The six ways above are some of the best coastal apartment décor tips you can have. Transform your flat into a dreamy and chic place with the amazing nautical feel.


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