Color Schemes: 5 Apartment Bedroom Decor for Couples

Color Schemes 5 Apartment Bedroom Decor for Couples

Deciding a color scheme is just as important as any other aspects when it comes to an apartment bedroom décor for couples. You and your spouse want to make sure that the room would be perfect for you two.

So, take a look at these five apartment bedroom color schemes for you and your partner!

Blue and Purple

The blue and purple color scheme is extremely romantic. It is high in contrast and complements each color beautifully.

The blue should be dark-toned, and the purple could range from very soft purple to mid-tone purple. The contrasting color of the two could easily blend well with natural colors, such as white and rustic brown.

Shades of Green

The mixture of different shades of pale greens will give a calming outcome to the bedroom, especially for couples as they find the bedroom as a place for rest.

Mix the greens with a pale brown, slightly purple décor for a great combo. Adding plants to the corner of the room can also be a décor option with this color scheme.

Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow are the perfect combination for a cool and fun aura. Let the dark and muted tones of blue dominate the room while letting yellow to give subtle hints of fun and cheerfulness.

Support this color scheme with white and black as they will blend naturally.

Shades of Gray

One of the most common and neutral color schemes for apartment bedroom décor for couples is different shades of gray as it provides calmness and safety.

The colors can reflect natural light so beautifully, and the living area looks so much more spacious than it is originally.

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A Mixture of Pastels

What is more heart-warming than a mixture of pastels for a couple’s bedroom color scheme? Take orange and coal green to a pastel tone and mix them up with muted yellow and gray for a soft and safe look.

To add more depth and elegance, install some gypsum to the walls and let them be a frame for the beautiful painting above the headboard.

After seeing the five apartment bedroom décor for couples, it is safe to say that muted and soft color schemes are more preferable. Are you a muted color enthusiast or a brightly contrasting color enthusiast!


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