5 Breathable One-bedroom Apartment Layouts

5 Breathable One-bedroom Apartment Layouts

Finding the perfect one-bedroom apartment layout can be a little bit of a hassle sometimes. A compact yet comfortable and cozy living space has dominated the market in the era of a fast-paced society.

So, if you are looking for the perfect layout for your small-sized apartment, you are in the right place. Take a look at these five breathable one-bedroom apartment layouts.

The Open Layout

Upon entrance, you are welcomed with an open space to the dining room, kitchen area, and living room. All of these are meshed beautifully and strategically to create a breathable living area. Straight behind the living room is the bedroom; the separator is basically non-existent.

The bedroom area is beautified with an open closet and bedside tables.

The Homey-for-Guest Layout

Homey for the guest, this one-bedroom apartment puts the living room at the very front. The living room is connected to the kitchen island, making the apartment feel comfortable and cozy for all.

With an area like this, the bathroom can easily be hidden neatly behind the kitchen counter while also being the divider to the bedroom.

The Strongly Vertical Layout

This layout is a more complex and private looking one-bedroom apartment. It hides the living room to the back, making sure the sunlight hits perfectly.

The apartment is styled vertically to the back. Making a long entrance accompanied by the kitchen on the side. The shared bathroom can also be accessed from the entrance door.

The Doll House Layout

Fun and private are the two words that perfectly describe this particular one-bedroom apartment layout. The small and limited space is creatively crafted with a double-height interior.

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The upper part of the interior is used exclusively for sleeping and cleaning up. Underneath are the kitchen and living room. Give room for some plants and greenery for an earthy vibe.

The Economist Layout

This particular layout is perfect for those who would like to self-reflect a lot. This one-bedroom apartment layout does not provide room for a TV screen.

The first floor is designed for a living space with a kitchen and a bathroom with a laundry area. The second floor is exclusively for sleeping and working.

Aren’t these five breathable one-bedroom apartment layouts amazing? Which one did you think would suit your style the best?


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