5 Farmhouse Apartment Decor Ideas with Rustic Feel

5 Farmhouse Apartment Decor Ideas with Rustic Feel

When it comes to bringing nature and warmth into your home, farmhouse decor is an option. What if you live in an apartment instead of a house? The idea is also possible. With the right farmhouse apartment decor, you get to bring a country home in the urban area where you live.

Have some serious rustic feel with these five ideas for your farmhouse apartment decor. They all have one thing in common: barn wood furniture.

  • The barn wood floating shelves and hangers

Wooden pallets are useful for a lot of things. You can have floating shelves and hangers made of them. Hangers from these materials are even better because they do not just function as coat, bag, or cap hangers. They make nice wall decorations.

  • The wood planks for ceiling and frames

Rustic farmhouse apartment decor involves using a lot of wood. By using wood planks for your ceiling and window frames (if needed), your apartment looks and feels warm with a sense of nature. Hey, you can even do this for your picture frames, too.

  • The farmhouse dining table

Add a cozy feeling in your dining room with this table made of wood slabs. If you would like to add more color, you can have the legs painted white. The best thing about this table is that you do not have to worry about cracking the tabletop unless it is made of glass.

  • The wood panels for walls

Wood panels absorb heat during summer and release warmth in the winter. Your apartment will feel even cozier, especially if the wood-panelled walls are properly finished.

  • The double square, wooden coffee table
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Last but not least, keep your living room simple with this double square, wooden coffee table. It looks simple, combining the modern, urban style with classic, rustic farmhouse touch.

Add some rustic feel with these ideas for your farmhouse apartment decor. Your urban life in the city will feel much warmer with the influence of country life at home.


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