DIY Summer Dining Room Decor Ideas for Fun Parties

DIY Summer Dining Room Decor Ideas for Fun Parties

Summer has come, and it means big chances to entertain your family and friends. It’s time to bring out your creativity to choose decor items, particularly for summer parties. There are numerous summer dining room decor items out there to be purchased, but if you can create them yourself, why buying? Here are some ideas.

Lemonade Theme

Summer has always been linked to any kinds of fruits—especially the tropical ones. Incorporating seasonal produce such as oranges, cherries, and watermelons into your summer dining room decor is a great idea.

You can also focus on only one fruit or drink, let’s say lemonade. Fill a large glass bowl with fresh yellow lemons and place it in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. Also, draw (or print out) lemons on a piece of paper, cut and have them as menus, place cards, as well as garlands.

Coastal Bashes

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, all vacations should be postponed—including beach vacations. Luckily, you can always throw a beach-themed party at home during the summer. Use shells, preferably scallop shells, to create coastal summer dining room decor items like place-card or candy holders. You may as well fill some large glass containers with sand to get the seaside vibe.

Rustic Home-Inspired

If you want to do a rustic summer dining room decor, an old watering can be an appealing centerpiece on your table. It’s simple, antique and elegant with some freshly-picked or faux flowers in it. Also, add a cushion in a checkered pillowcase on each seat and a tablecloth with the same pattern. It looks so country-styled.

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Fun Kiddy Parties

Want to have a birthday party for your kids? Or a baby shower? No worries. Blow some balloons and stick some colorful washi tapes on them, creating cute patterns. Another decorative item is a cute pompom tree. Grab one or two branches of a tree, remove the leaves from the branches and stick some colorful pompoms on the tip of each branch.

So, are you ready to hold a fun summer dinner party? Or lunch? It’s all up to you. Just pick the right DIY summer dining room decor idea first.


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