5 Chic Modern Apartment Decor Ideas that You Should Try

5 Chic Modern Apartment Decor Ideas that You Should Try

Are you going to decorate your apartment with modern style décor? Well, decorating an apartment with limited square footage can be exhausting. You may think about how to optimize furniture arrangement and maximize its functionality.

Whether you have a big or small room, decorating your room should be joyful. You must express yourself in creative ways. We have collected five chic modern apartment décor ideas to refresh your apartment.

1. Use Picture Frames

Use white as the basic color and combine it with a bold and attractive tone. Then, you can use thrift store picture frames and put them as texture and dark paint. The eye-catching accent wall can function as a stunning backdrop for the rest of your apartment.

2. Don’t Forget the Curtains

To create an awesome modern apartment décor, use curtains to add a touch of drama. You can do some tricks to make your space look more spacious. Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor. It is okay to hang them outside the window or on the bare wall.

3. Hang Your Favorite Photos

One of the best ways to personalize your space is by hanging your photos. Although you have limited space, you can simply style it by hanging a collage of your favorite photos. This idea is easy to do and also affordable.

4. Add Some Textures

Try to play with textures to express your visual interest. For example, add some handmade textured pillows in the living room is a good idea. You can vary the colors matching to your furniture and home décor.

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5. Use Plexiglass Coffee Table

Having a small living room, you can use a clear plexiglass coffee table—leaving the visual effect of a wide-open room. You can pair it with furniture in white color or a stunning rug.

Are you ready to apply one of those stunning modern apartment décor ideas? Remember, getting apartment décor with modern style is easier than you think! All in all, your space will be more comfortable to stay in.


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