5 Popular Summer Hair Color Ideas to Try

5 Popular Summer Hair Color Ideas to Try

Though you’re ready with your ponytail, pixie, braid, beach waves, or other hairstyles, your trendy summer looks won’t be complete without a fun new color for your hair. Thus, let’s do a professional dye job at home. However, you must, first and foremost, have figured out what colors and shades to apply.

If you are clueless about the attractive yet gorgeous summer hair color inspiration to choose, here are some popular ideas to try.

Mint Green for Good

Don’t go light—be bold and stunning for any summer special events! Mint green is one of the prettiest shades within the green family. Once you’ve got your hair in this color, it’s absolutely hard to move on from it.  

Bold Root or Two-Toned Hair is More than Enough

If having a single color for the entire hair isn’t enough, then bold root dyeing or two-toned hair is more than enough for you. You only need to find the perfect yet gorgeous color combination, such as blonde + brown, black + gray, purple + silver, and blue + magenta.

Pretty in Pink

No one can deny that pink is a light hair color trend for summer. Besides, it gives a cooling effect when the weather heats up. So, it’s not surprising if pink becomes the most popular summer hair color to use.

Pair it with a pixie or messy bob haircut to draw more attention.

Silver, Silver, and Silver

It wouldn’t be summer without this sophisticated yet low-maintenance color. Therefore, more and more women embrace silver for their summer look. No worry! You can achieve the best silver hair at home. All you need is to find the detail “how-to” from the internet.

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Pastel Blue

The next popular hair color is not green nor blue, but in between—people call it pastel blue. It is a shooting, soft, and peaceful color. However, to have the perfect pastel blue is really hard to do, so make sure you’ve asked a hair specialist for help.

So, are you a fan of soft-tone hair, like this pastel blue? Then, give it a try and see the changes offered.

There you have it! You can select one of those five popular summer hair color ideas.


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