3 Simple Ways to Make Two-Bedroom Apartment More Spacious


Decorating two-bedroom apartment is challenging, especially since you have to deal with limited space. You can’t just steal all the ideas you’ve got and apply them to your home due to no more space left. On the other hand, basic apartment package developers usually offer to customers are those with two bedrooms.

Let these two-bedroom apartment ideas on a budget inspire you and take a look at how they work:

Floating Shelves

Instead of installing too many closing cabinets or build-in furniture, why don’t you opt for floating shelves? Besides on a budget, it gives an airier look to the apartment.

Floating shelves are perfect for displaying your decorations and other collections at home. Your exposed mementos on the shelves are good to style up the apartment rooms describing the best of you.

Neutral Colors in Bedroom

When you crave a sumptuous living place, but not too much, neutral shade is a great punch. It might be too monotonous in basic, but with a little touch, you can turn it into a great accent.

The two-bedroom apartment usually offers you a tiny place for sleeping. Thus, you need to make it look boundless. The idea above describes how the shabby chic perfectly meets modernity, and it delivers an airier ambiance.

Light pastel shades for the walls are an excellent match to the wide rectangular windows. To make a colorful accent, pick a bedsheet in a splash of vibrant colors.

Distressed Wooden Flooring

Do you think that a rug is too dull for a tiny apartment? Try modern flooring most people love to pick: wooden flooring.

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Distressed wooden flooring is a perfect way to make your house more unique and less cluttered. Moreover, it is more affordable than marble flooring or glossy wood flooring. You can combine it with any theme.

No more stuffy apartment! The two-bedroom apartment styling ideas embrace simplicity and airiness at the same time.


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